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Cylinder Head

  • Head is thoroughly cleaned and inspected ( Hot Tank and Sand Blasting)
  • Pressure tested to ensure no cracks or leaks
  • Guide work performed / replaced with new guides as necessary
  • Valves polish & refacing
  • All springs are tension tested
  • Valve job / performed on Serdi
  • CBN milled to ensure straightness
  • All machine work performed on the latest state of the art equipment
  • All parts are thoroughly cleaned and inspected before assembly
  • Head is assembled with new valve seals
  • New freeze plugs
All Engines and Cylinder Heads are sold on a good core exchange basis.

I've been in the industry for about 5 years now, I'm a part owner of a shop in OC. Modern engine just became my new engine shop. They do euro engines that no else would touch.
Their warranty is amazing.

- Mo S.

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